S&B’s Passion for Wasabi

As sushi and other Japanese cuisine gain popularity worldwide, wasabi is becoming common in many countries. S&B Foods is proud to be the first company to develop wasabi paste in tube and plays a leading role in the global wasabi culture. We helped usher traditional wasabi culture into the modern age by developing different varieties of the plant. Each is the result of collecting different wasabi seeds from around Japan and using them to create the perfect strain for our prepared products.

  • Find more about Wasabi

    Wasabi’s spiciness and fragrance are unique in that they produce a lively tingling in the nose. Now, it has become common to tables around the world. Find out more about this amazing spice.

  • Pursuit of Best Wasabi

    As first company to develop wasabi paste in tube, we have improved the products and packages to meet the consumer’s expectation for safety, quality and in taste and usability.

  • TIPS! Simple & Unique Recipes!

    Though wasabi has traditionally been used with Japanese foods such as sashimi, sushi and soba, it is good to add zest to any kinds of cuisines. Find tips to enjoy Wasabi more and hints how to use.

  • Wasabi Q&A

    Frequently asked questions about wasabi are listed. You’ll find an answer to your questions.

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