S&B Foods Group Social Media Policy

S&B Foods Group (S&B Foods Inc. and subsidiary and affiliated companies; the "S&B Group") has determined basic rules to be observed when using social media as set out below as the Social Media Policy.

Aims of Social Media Policy

  • The S&B Group has created the Social Media Policy to ensure that the S&B Group employees comply with laws and regulations and S&B Foods Code of Conduct and other internal rules when using social media, to promote quality communication with customers and the general public, and to contribute to enhancement of the corporate value of the S&B Group.

Attitude and Manners When Engaging in Social Media

  • Post information on social media responsibly and be careful not to cause misunderstanding.
  • Understand and make effective use of the characteristics of social media while also respecting and listening attentively to the person(s) you are communicating with and striving for quality communication.
  • Always act responsibly on the understanding that, once released on the internet, information can be accessed by many unspecified users, and once posted, information cannot be permanently deleted.
  • When posting information, never leak information obtained in the course of business activities, including internal and external confidential information
  • Never infringe on the copyright, right to honor or other rights of third parties and always handle personal information in strict accordance with the Privacy Policy and relevant regulations.
  • Exercise responsibility in your day-to-day business activities, not only when posting information on social media.

To Official S&B Foods Social Media Account Users

  • Information posted on social media by the S&B Group (Group employees) does not necessarily represent official announcements or the views of the S&B Group. Official announcements and views are posted on S&B Foods global website (https://www.sbfoods-worldwide.com/).


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