Privacy Policy

We, S&B Foods Inc. ("the Company"), believe the protection of your personal information is one of our most important corporate social responsibilities. We have the Company's Personal Information Protection Policy (Privacy Policy) as our basic rules for the appropriate management of such information and maintenance of full confidentiality, and have taken steps to ensure all directors and employees are thoroughly knowledgeable of the policy and complies with its provisions and intent.

  • 1.The Company seeks to ensure every individual engaged in activities at the Company, including its directors and employees, is thoroughly knowledgeable of the Company's Personal Information Protection Policy, and continuously promotes educational and training activities concerning the importance of personal information protection.
  • 2.The Company appoints a Personal Data Manager for each department to administer personal data protection, and will maintain the accuracy of personal information in the Company's possession and manage such information properly while taking measures to maintain and improve data safety management, including steps to prevent unauthorized access to personal data or the destruction, falsification, loss or leak of personal information.
  • 3.When seeking to obtain personal information, the Company will disclose the purpose for requesting such information and obtain the personal information by legal as well as fair means.
  • 4.When using personal information for purposes other than the purpose stated at the time the personal information was provided, the Company will notify the individuals of the purpose of such use beforehand and obtain their consent.
  • 5.Except when it has obtained individuals' consent or when required based on law, the Company will not provide personal information to third parties other than firms to which the Company has consigned business activities or the Company's business partners.
  • 6.If it consigns administration of the personal information it has obtained to an outside party, the Company will select a firm capable of observing the Company's Personal Information Protection Policy and require the firm to implement data safety management measures based on a contract, and will implement the necessary and appropriate monitoring of the firm's compliance conditions.
  • 7.The Company respects the rights of individuals concerning personal information, and when an individual who has provided personal information to the Company requests the Company to disclose, revise or halt its use of the individual's personal information, the Company will comply with such request within a reasonable period of time and scope, based on the Company's stipulated procedures.
  • 8.The Company complies with the laws of Japan, other standards and the internal rules prepared by the Company with regard to personal information protection, and will continuously review and seek to improve its management systems concerning personal data protection and its Personal Information Protection Policy.
  • 9.Inquiries concerning personal information If you have questions or suggestions, you can contact us at @here