Japan’s National Food

When you thinks of Japanese cuisine, the first food that comes up to your mind is sushi, or perhaps sukiyaki. How about curry? Hardly, even though curry is so popular now it is almost regarded as Japan’s national food. Originating in India, curry came to Japan via Europe and established its own distinct local flavor. Discover the mellow warmth of Japanese curry from S&B Foods and discover one of Japan’s best kept culinary secrets.

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Japan’s Unique Condiment

As sushi and other Japanese food gain popularity worldwide, wasabi is becoming common popular in many countries. Unlike cayenne or black pepper, wasabi’s spiciness and fragrance are unique in that they produce a lively tingling in the nose. S&B Foods plays a leading role in the global wasabi business. Find out more about this delightful condiment and be sure to try it for yourself!

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