What is S&B Oriental Curry Powder?

The first curry powder in Japan was manufactured in 1923.
The “Red Can Curry Powder,” first launched in 1950, is still manufactured using the same established secret recipe and process. It has continued to be cherished in kitchens across Japan.
In 2016, S&B Foods created an original blend of aromatic spices and marketed curry powder for export only (S&B Oriental Curry Powder).
S&B Foods’ curry powder is delivered to dinner tables beyond Japan and across the globe.

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S&B Foods Founder Mr. Minejiro Yamazaki

Born in 1903 in Saitama Prefecture (near Tokyo), Yamazaki moved to Tokyo at the age of 17 and worked at a sauce shop. Yamazaki, deeply impressed by the taste of curry with rice that he had for the first time, was determined to manufacture curry powder himself.
At the time, foreign curry powder was generally used and its manufacturing method was totally unknown.
Yamazaki spent days trying different blends of spices, testing out each ingredient one by one. His independent developments involved not only ingredients but also roasting methods and tools.
Finally, he succeeded in the production of curry powder for the first time ever in Japan. Taking this opportunity, Yamazaki founded Higashiya, which later became S&B Foods.

  • 1923

    First curry powder manufactured in Japan
    Sales of made-in-Japan curry powder started in restaurant-use portions.

  • 1930

    Launch of Hidori Mark Curry Powder
    Higashiya started selling the first home-use curry powder in Japan. The design motif of the Hidori Mark was a combination of a rising sun and a bird (dove), which depicted S&B Foods’ hopes for uplifting and its products spreading far and wide.

  • 1950

    Launch of Red Can Curry Powder
    Overcoming the shortage of ingredients and supplies during and right after World War II, the Red Can Curry Powder was developed as a culmination of S&B Foods’ know-how cultivated since its founding.

  • 2016

    Launch of S&B Oriental Curry Powder
    S&B Foods started selling curry powder for export, created with an original blend of aromatic spices.
    S&B Foods’ curry powder is delivered to dinner tables across the globe.


Here we introduce the four major spices out of the many spices used to make S&B Oriental Curry Powder.

  • Turmeric

    This spice used to give yellow coloring has a unique, somewhat earthy scent that mellows when heated, giving depth to the flavor of cooking.

  • Coriander

    This spice has a sweet, refreshing yet slightly spicy scent and adds depth to the flavoring.

  • Fenugreek

    Bitterness is eased when the seeds are thoroughly heated, bringing out a sweet flavor like maple syrup and adding depth to produce an authentic flavor.

  • Cumin

    This spice has an ethnic, strong aroma, making it essential as an ingredient for curry powder and chili powder.

Manufacturing process

Each and every curry powder is infused with S&B Foods’ legacy of techniques and knowledge, as well as the devotion of individual employees.

How is the S&B curry powder made under the way developed by longtime experience and skills?

  • 1Grinding, SortingSpices and herbs which are ingredients are ground and sifted.
  • 2Weighing, MixingWeighed ingredients are mixed.
  • 3RoastingIngredients are roasted to enrich aroma.
  • 4AgingRoasted ingredients are aged in tank.
  • 5Curry PowderCurry powder is filled up for a finished product.
  • Other curry productsThe Curry powders are used in other S&B curry products as their centerpiece.

How to use

How to open the can

Opening the can
S&B Foods’ curry powder comes in the same special can that has been used since its initial sale in order to carefully capture and keep its exquisite aroma.
Insert the handle of a spoon or the like to the rim of the lid and lift it up to open it, using the spoon for leverage. Push and tear open the aluminum foil inside using a spoon and remove it completely. (*Be careful not to hurt your fingers when doing so)
Indulge yourself in the rich aroma that wafts out the moment you open the can.

How to store the can

Storing the can
After opening the can, close the lid tightly and keep in a cool, dark place to lock in the precious aroma. Please use up the curry powder by the best-by-date to enjoy the rich aroma.

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