TIPS for using Wasabi

Freshly grated wasabi has a unique aroma and sharp, spicy kick, both of which will fade if the wasabi is left out too long. Follow these tips to make your wasabi experience better.

  1. Mix powdered wasabi or dispense tube wasabi just before cooking or serving.
  2. Wasabi that has been left out too long can be revived by adding a few drops of lemon juice.
  3. For those who love the unique flavor and aroma of wasabi but can’t handle the kick, simply heat the wasabi slightly. This measures reduces the spiciness.

Simple Usage

Wasabi goes well with many foods and can be used in various recipes other than tradigional Japanese ways. Use just like common Japanese condiments such as miso and soy sauce.

Popular wasabi mixes

  • Butter

    Melt butter then gently mix in wasabi to form a doughy paste. Use plastic wrap to form the mixture into sticks then chill in a refrigerator. This thick, rich wasabi butter is fantastic with steak. Raisins can be also be added to create wasabi raisin butter — also great on its own as a snack.

  • Mayonnaise

    Simply mix wasabi with mayonnaise to taste. This slightly pungent dip goes well with fried foods or can be used as a dressing.

  • Wasabi dressing

    Easy to make wasabi dressing is always a favorite. Mix wasabi with vinegar and olive oil then add salt and pepper to taste.

Unique tastes from simple ingredients

  • Wasabi pasta

    Add wasabi to the popular spaghetti sauce, Carbonara. It has an Italian taste, but also has Japanese flavor, pleasant aroma of wasabi.

  • Wasabi bread

    Spread a generous portion of wasabi over a slice of bread then toast in an oven. Some spiciness will be lost but the flavor and pleasant aroma remain.

  • Wasabi pizza

    Spread wasabi over a pizza crust, put some ingredients and cheese and bake it in oven. Japanese-style pizza retains flavor and aroma of wasabi.


What to have Wasabi Sauce with!

S&B Wasabi Sauce has a tangy, refreshing wasabi flavor with gentle spiciness, it is versatile for a wide range of dishes including meat, fish and salads. Smooth yet flavorful, the sauce blends well with soy sauce and other dressings. Use your imagination and create your own original sauces!

  • Steak
  • Pasta
  • Fish and chips

Other Wasabi Recipes