S&B UMAMI TOPPING provides a lineup of traditional Japanese flavors rich in UMAMI.
Simply put an handful of S&B UMAMI TOPPING on the thing you like.
Deep, thick and a lot of UMAMI taste would amazingly match with your favorite meals.
It would turn ordinary dishes into extraordinary and create a joyful & delicious food experience.

Crunchy Garlic with Chili oil

It is a special add-on condiment of chili oil with savory and crunchy ingredients. “Chili oil”, “Fried Garlic”, “Almond” and “Chili Paste” are well-mixed. Exquisite taste and texture are outstandingly good with various menus. It is not overly spicy hot at all.

Use as a versatile topping for chicken, sushi, pasta, salad, noodles, tofu, and mix into other recipes.

What to use with?

Just throw a spoonful of S&B UMAMI TOPPING on the thing you like.
Suitable for tofu, sushi, pasta, salad, ramen, rice, eggs, cheese, chicken , potatoes, steak and more.