What is Nanami Togarashi (Assorted chili pepper)?

Mix spice representing Japan, it is mainly made by blending seven kinds of spices. It is said that the basis of blending “二辛五香” (Nishin Goko) which means two kinds of spices emphasizing spiciness and five kinds of spices emphasizing fragrance. Nanami Togarashi conceived in the Edo period (1600 – 1867) spread afterwards throughout the country, and the content of the formulation became diverse depending on the history and climate of the area.

S&B FOODS offers 2 types of products, powder form and paste form, to suit your preferences.

What to use with?

As a spice to refine your ordinary meal, suitable for seafood, meat, dumplings and more other than Japanese foods such as hot pot, soups, udon, soba, grilled foods.