Fried Gyoza with S&B UMAMI TOPPING Crunchy Garlic with Chili oil

Ingredients (For 20 pieces)

Gyoza skin 20
Ground pork 150 g
Chinese chive (minced) 50 g
Onion (minced) 100 g
【A】 Sake 2 Tbsp
Soy sauce 1 Tbsp
Oyster sauce 1 Tbsp
Sesame oil 2 Tbsp
S&B UMAMI TOPPING Crunchy Garlic with Chili oil Plenty


  1. Mince the Chinese chives and onions.
  2. Put the ground pork and 【A】 into a bowl, and mix well until the mixture becomes sticky. Add 【1】 and mix.
  3. Place the filling on the gyoza skins using a spoon, put some water along the edge (not included in the ingredients list), and fold each Gyoza skin in half, wrapping the filling while making pleats.
  4. Heat 1 tbsp of sesame oil in a frying pan. place the gyoza dumplings in the pan and fry over medium heat for 3 minutes until the skins brown. Pour in water (approx. 100 ml) and put a lid over the pan. Steam over medium heat for 7-8 minutes.
  5. After the water has boiled off, remove the lid. Pour in the rest of the sesame oil from around the edge of the pan, and fry the gyoza dumplings until the skin becomes crisp and brown.
  6. Serve with plenty of S&B UMAMI TOPPING Crunchy Garlic with Chili oil.