What is Japanese curry

Japanese curry is not as pungent as its Asian counterparts, which are often characterized by a few outstanding spices. Instead, it is a relatively mild and harmonious blend of curry powder and spices in which no particular ingredient stands out. And because it contains flour, the sauce is comparatively thick. In addition, Japanese curry is typically served with rice. These underlying characteristics have not changed much over the last 150 years, but subtle variations have resulted in a wonderfully complex Japanese curry culture that S&B is proud to introduce to the world.

  • Japanese Curry Culture

    Curry is one of the most popular food in Japan. As Japan’s original producer of curry powder, S&B has contributed to promote the Japanese curry culture.

  • Pursuit of Best Curry

    Rich aroma is S&B’s passion on curry products. We pay a lot of attention from ingredients through manufacturing method to create supreme aroma and flavor.

  • Tasty, Simple and Easy serving ideas!

    Though Japanese curry is typically served with rice, it is also good with many foods. Also, the S&B curry products can be easily used to taste and flavor in broad menu.

  • Curry Q&A

    Frequently asked questions about curry are listed. You may find an answer to your questions.

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