Passion & Expertise ~Curry with Rich Aroma~


“Rich Aroma”, is our passion on S&B curry products. Our masterpiece is the S&B curry powder.
While bringing out full potencies of each carefully selected spice & herbs, we perfectly blend them to unite and produce mellow aroma. In addition, roasting process enriches aroma, and aging process settles each flavors of spices & herbs. This blending ratio, roasting and aging technology, it is no exaggeration to say that which is the top secret of S&B foods, enable to product the aroma and flavor of S&B’s curry products.


How is the S&B curry powder made under the way developed by longtime experience and skills?

  • 1Grinding, SortingSpices and herbs which are ingredients are ground and sifted.
  • 2Weighing, MixingWeighed ingredients are mixed.
  • 3RoastingIngredients are roasted to enrich aroma.
  • 4AgingRoasted ingredients are aged in tank.
  • 5Curry PowderCurry powder is filled up for a finished product.
  • Other curry productsThe Curry powders are used in other S&B curry products as their centerpiece.

Product Types

S&B FOODS offers mainly 3 types of curry products by usage.

  • Curry Powder

    It is a fragrant curry powder that blends spices with exquisite proportions and undergoes processes such as roasting and aging. Besides curry and rice, usage is broad such as fried vegetables and mixing with mayonnaise. It helps you to deliver the dishes deliciously or to season different from usual.

  • Curry Sauce Mix in Block

    Employing the same principal as chocolate, which contains fat to keep it solidified at room temperature, the cubes were easy to use. Consisting of curry powder, flour and seasoning, the cubes could quickly transform a mundane stew into a fine curry simply by adding them to the mix.

  • Ready-to-serve Sauce

    Ready-to-serve sauce is a curry sauce in retort pouch, a simple, no-fuss way to enjoy a truly satisfying meal. With simply warming a pouch in hot water, you can enjoy delicious curry with vegetables just like a homemade version.

Curry Products