Wasabi Flavored Baked Sushi

Ingredients (Easy-to-prepare amount ,4-5 servings)

Rice 600 ~700 g
【A】 Vinegar 4 Tbsp
Salt 1 tsp
Sugar 1 Tbsp
Salmon 200 g / 7 oz
Crab sticks (cut into 2 cm pieces) 100 g / 3.5 oz
Onion (minced) 100 g / 3.5 oz
【B】 Mayonnaise 6 Tbsp
S&B Wasabi Paste 2 Tbsp
Black pepper Pinch
Egg (beaten) 4
Salt Pinch
Sugar 1 Tbsp
Walnuts 50 g
Chives As needed
Korean dried seaweed sheets As needed


  1. Make the Sushi rice. Mix the ingredients of 【A】 well until the salt and sugar dissolve and add it to the rice and mix.
  2. Make the scrambled egg. Beat the eggs and mix with the salt and sugar, and stir-fry in a frying pan until it is scrambled.
  3. Grill the salmon, remove the skin and bones, and break up into small pieces. Cut and break up the crab sticks and cut the onion into the specified sizes.
  4. Mix the ingredients of 【B】 and mix with 【3】.
  5. Grease the inside of the heatproof baking dish with a small amount of oil (not listed in the ingredients). Put 【1】 evenly in the baking dish and put the walnuts randomly on the surface. Layer 【2】 and then 【4】 on top.
  6. Bake in an over at 200-220°C for 15-20 minutes until the surface becomes nicely brown.
  7. Decorate a plate with the chives. Wrap the baked sushi with the Korean dried seaweed sheets and enjoy, as desired, with additional S&B Wasabi Paste.