Spicy Tuna Rolls

Ingredients (1 serving)

White rice (cooked) 120 g
【A】 Vinegar 2 tsp
Salt 1/5 tsp
Sugar 1/2 tsp
Green onion (chopped) As needed
Tuna (minced) 50 g
【B】 S&B La-Yu (Chili Oil) 1-2 tsp
Mayonnaise 1-2 tsp
Avocado 4 slices
Nori (seaweed) 1 sheet
White sesame seeds As needed
S&B Wasabi Paste As needed
Soy sauce As needed


  1. Mix together white rice and [A] in a bowl, and cool to skin temperature to make sushi rice.
  2. Chop the green onion and mince the tuna.
  3. Combine [2] and [B] in a bowl.
  4. Spread out a sheet of plastic wrap. Place the nori on top and spread the sushi rice evenly over the nori. Sprinkle with white sesame seeds.
    Spread another sheet of plastic wrap over the top, and flip the entire thing over, plastic wrap included, so that the nori side is up.
    Remove the plastic wrap from the top of the nori. Place the ingredients prepared in Step 3 and the avocado to top side by side, leaving a 2 cm gap along the edge closest to you.
  5. Lift the plastic wrap from the side closest to you and roll it up to the end of the ingredients.
    Then, squeeze it tightly toward you, and continue to roll it up to the end.
  6. Cut into easy-to-eat pieces with a knife.
  7. Serve on a dish, and garnish with a squeeze of S&B Wasabi Paste and soy sauce on the side to complete.