Spicy Citrus Frittata

Ingredients (3-4 servings (H 10 x L 23 cm heatproof baking dish))

Egg (beaten) 4
Parmesan cheese (grated) 40 g / 1.4 oz
Black pepper (coarsely ground) Pinch
Onion (roughly minced) 100 g / 3.5 oz
Mushrooms (thinly sliced) 100 g / 3.5 oz
Broccoli (1 cm dices) 50 g / 1.8 oz
Bologna sausage (or sausage of your choice) (1 cm pieces) 50 g / 1.8 oz
Olive oil 1/2 Tbsp
【A】 S&B Spicy Citrus Paste 1 Tbsp
White wine 1 tsp
Salt Pinch
Cherry tomatoes (cut in halves) 6


  1. Cut the ingredients into the specified sizes.
  2. Heat oil in a frying pan over medium heat and stir-fry the onion and mushroom. When cooked, add the broccoli and sausage and stir-fry until they are lightly colored. Add 【A】 and mix well while stir-frying to allow the flavor to blend, then sprinkle the salt.
  3. Add the cheese, black pepper, and 【2】 to the beaten egg and mix.
  4. Grease the inside of the heatproof baking dish with a small amount of oil (not listed in the ingredients). Put【3】 into the dish and put the halved cherry tomatoes on the surface.
  5. Put aluminum foil over the dish 【4】 and bake in an oven at 180°C for 30-40 minutes.