Curry Udon

Ingredients (6 servings)

S&B Golden Curry Mix 92g 1 pack
Onion (minced) 200 g
Beef (sliced) 250 g
Mushrooms (sliced) 50 g
Vegetable oil 1 Tbsp
Water 1300 ml
Japanese Seasoning & Soup Mix (Oden No Moto) 80g 1/2 sachet (10 g)
Soy sauce 1 tsp
Udon noodles (cooked, drained) 6 servings
Green onion (chopped) As needed


  1. Heat the oil in a pot and add the onion. Cook over low heat until golden.
  2. Add the beef and mushrooms and stir-fry.
  3. Add the water and S&B Japanese Seasoning and Soup Mix and simmer for 15 min until all ingredients are soft.
  4. Turn off the heat and add S&B Golden Curry Mix by breaking it into pieces.
    Stir until sauce mixes are completely melted.
  5. Turn on the heat and add the soy sauce. Simmer for 5 min stirring constantly.
  6. Serve the cooked udon in a bowl and pour 【5】 over. Sprinkle with chopped green onion.