Human Rights

The S&B Foods Group recognizes the possibility that its business activities may directly or indirectly affect human rights. We have formulated the "S&B Foods Group Human Rights Policy" to respect the human rights of everyone involved in our business as part of our human rights efforts.

Human Rights Policy

Human rights management structure

Based on the "S&B Foods Group Human Rights Policy", the "Compliance Subcommittee" and the "Sustainable Procurement Promotion Group" work together to promote and educate on respect for human rights throughout the Group, investigate and detect human rights risks, and encourage respecting human rights in practice at each office and workplace.

Signing the United Nations Global Compact

To further promote sustainability, S&B Foods signed the "United Nations Global Compact" in February 2022 and was registered as a member enterprise.
Additionally, S&B Foods joined the "Global Compact Network Japan", which is made up of Japanese companies that have signed up for the UN Global Compact, and is promoting sustainability through sharing best practices.

Human rights initiatives

Concept of fair employment

S&B Foods values people who can exert creativity in teamwork while understanding principles and visions and respecting individuality.
We are working on creating an environment where diverse personnel can work proactively and play an active role regardless of age, nationality, disability, gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Our efforts in this regard include recruitment and employment.

When recruiting and screening, we openly provide information, and through communication on an equal footing wherever possible, work toward mutual understanding.

Establishing the S&B Hotline

S&B Foods clearly sets forth in its Code of Conduct the prohibition of any kind of harassment, including sexual harassment. We also established the S&B Hotline as our employees' consultation contact, in order to reinforce compliance through early detection and taking recurrence prevention measures.
Through such initiatives, we will continue to work on building a corporate environment where employees can work with peace of mind.

Human rights considerations for procurement

Based on the Sustainable Procurement Commitment and the Basic Sustainability Purchasing Policy, S&B Foods promotes human rights initiatives for the supply chain.
Recently, we conducted a questionnaire survey on human rights considerations and compliance with labor environment standards, targeting all of S&B Foods' spice suppliers.

No child labor, forced labor, discrimination, or serious issues in the provision of safe working environment or proper wage payment was found in the suppliers' self-assessments.

Based on the survey results, working together with our suppliers and other stakeholders, we will continue to evaluate the propriety of the entire supply chain, including local inspections, and promote due diligence in human rights similarly for non-spice materials.

Image of the Supplier Survey