Toward the next 100 years

What can S&B do for people's happiness in the future?
We have distilled our vision and thoughts into a new corporate message for the next 100 years.

Corporate Logo and New Corporate Message

As a leading manufacturer of spices and herbs, we have continued to make products of uncompromising flavor and quality for the past 100 years.
In the next 100 years, we will deliver to the world food that is not only full of flavor, but also healthy and safe, using the earth's bounty that has been nurtured by the plentiful sunshine.
We process the fruits and leaves of plants that are grown for us by producers to create various useful everyday products, and then we plant new seeds.
We aim to live in harmony with the planet through this sustainable business model involving plants and food.

"Contributing to the global environment" and "promoting healthy, happy living"...
If you combine these two visions of the future, そこにスパイス&ハーブ We found our answer: Spices & Herbs