Product Planning and R&D

We will work to develop products with stronger value and individuality recognized by customers in Japan and overseas, responding to increasingly diverse needs, and provide the world with foods that are delicious, healthy, and reliable, as we continue to pursue the potentiality of “Spice and Herb, the Earth's Blessing.”

Eiji Nakagawa

At S&B Foods, we are constantly striving to create products that incorporate the perspectives of our customers. We always stay alert to changes and trends in the market, anticipating consumers' changing preferences in food and developing product concepts built on the results of a wide range of surveys and analysis so that we meet the diverse needs of our customers and their views.
Every day, we make use of internal and external monitoring surveys and coordinate with the Customer Consultation Center to determine product specifications thoroughly incorporating customer perspectives such as “ease of use” and “clear labeling.” At the product development stage, we not only pursue flavor through our blending and production techniques but also integrate steps from the selection of safe and reliable ingredients and materials and the determination of appropriate processing and production procedures to the consideration of container and packaging design. Even after products are launched, we continue to listen to the voice of our customers and collect information from trading partners on even better ingredients and materials, constantly considering how to improve, refine, and renew our products.
We are also actively engaged in the commercialization of Foods with Function Claims to meet the health needs of a growing number of consumers in recent years who demand foods to maintain health and counter lifestyle diseases. We will continue to strive to create products that will be chosen by our customers.

Executive Officer, General Manager of Research and Product Development Division, Development and Manufacturing Group.
Eiji Nakagawa

Yoko Ohisa

Spices and herbs bring out the flavor of foods. They have been used since ancient times, not only to provide delicious taste but also as herbal medicines to maintain health. However, there are still large gaps in our knowledge regarding the health benefits of spices and herbs and the mechanisms that bring about these benefits. At the S&B Foods Central Research Institute, we seek to shed the light of science on the appeal of spices and herbs. We hope to use the evidence we find to develop products and services that contribute to the happiness of many people. In fiscal 2022, we presented our findings at academic conferences. These included an evidence-based proposal for salt reduction through the saltiness-enhancing properties of laurel and our findings regarding the effect of fennel in suppressing periodontal disease bacteria.
We will actively work to develop a range of new businesses and markets, such as the market for Foods with Function Claims, through research and development based on the evidence we find and the new techniques we establish.

Executive Officer, General Manager of Central Research Institute, Development and Manufacturing Group
Yoko Ohisa

Customer-Oriented Product Development

During the product planning stage, we always keep an eye on market changes and trends, basing product concepts on various types of surveys and analysis results so that we can meet the diverse needs of customers.
Use of monitoring surveys inside and outside the company and daily collaboration with our customer service center helps us decide on the final specifications of the product from the customer's viewpoint, including ease of use and easy-to-understand labeling.

During the product development stage, the entire process is integrated, including the pursuit of the best flavor via blending and manufacturing methods, the selection of safe and reliable ingredients and materials, deciding on the appropriate processing and production processes, and considering container and package designs.
By gathering feedback from customers and information on better ingredients and materials from clients after product development, we continuously consider product improvement, modification, and renewing.

Environmental Consideration in Product Development Tasks

In the Product Development Department, there is a project team that promotes the 3 R's (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle). During new product R&D and revising existing products, they always work with an eye to environmentally-minded product design and appropriate packaging.

During FY2021, the reduction in the weight of cardboard materials in some prepared spice pastes, curry/stew sauce mixes, ready-made sauces in pouches, pasta sauces, and fresh herb products helped save approximately 87 tons of packaging annually.
We are also eliminating the use of tapes for opening cardboard boxes and promoting revisions to proper size and using thinner plastics for product packaging, shrink wraps for ball formation, and product parts packaging films.

Collaborations with External Institutions

We conduct joint research with various corporate and academic institutions in order to create new value for our customers.
At the Central Research Institute, we engage in joint research with external sources on the themes of spice health functions, cultivation and breeding, as well as analysis and evaluation.
In January this year, S&B Foods confirmed jointly with Shinshu University that multiple spice and herb extracts are effective in suppressing influenza virus infection.
We are also conducting joint research with a number of other academic institutions to show scientific evidence of the health promoting effects of spices.

Product Development in Tune with Changes in the Social Environment

Products with food allergies in mind

Products with food allergies in mind

These products are made without using 28 items designated as allergy specific ingredients.

Products made without animal-derived ingredients

Products made without animal-derived ingredients

These products can be eaten by persons who cannot eat food with animal-derived products for various reasons.

Products designed for food loss reduction

Products designed for reduce food loss

Various efforts, including improved product packaging, go into reducing food loss and reducing the impact on the environment.
A double-layered container design makes it difficult for the contents to be exposed to air, helping to retain fragrance and color and extending the best-before date by two months.