S&B Wasabi Powder 1kg is redesigned!

Nov 22, 2018

S&B Wasabi Powder 1kg is redesigned! It is a high quality Wasabi Powder manufactured in Japan which meets consumers' preference.
It gives a kick to various foods such as steak, seafoods, mashed potato and dim sum as well as sushi and sashimi.
Refined & beautiful packaging design with the traditional Japanese checkered pattern called ""Ichimatsu""!

●Wasabi Japonica is added as an ingredients. Perfect taste of flavor of wasabi japonica
 which has been loved in Japan for long and pungency of horseradish.

●Use not only in traditional Japanese way like with Sashimi, Sushi and soba but also with meat,
  Chinse dishes, rice bowls or as an ingredient to add flavor for sauce or dressing.

●Labelled in 6 languages, English, Italian, French, German, Dutch and Spanish.