For customers’ satisfaction, safety and secure products

We will help to improve customers’ life through safe and secure quality products and services.

Our work for safety and security

In order to consistently provide safe and security products, we operate an original quality assurance system (SQS).

Safety management of raw materials

We control raw materials strictly through layers of checking programs.

Allergen control

Appropriate and strict food allergen control programs are designed and practiced.

Organization structure to monitor safety

We have established a system to ensure comprehensive safety such as component analysis of raw materials and safety confirmation of production lines and raw materials suppliers.

Information system for product safety

We operate systems to ensure food safety at each stage of process and distribution through raw materials information and information management related to production history.

Food labeling

We comply with laws and regulations of food labeling and strive to provide appropriate and helpful information for customers.

Efforts on radioactive materials in foods

We strive to collect radiation information of raw materials timely and manufacture safe products along with the guidance of regulatory agencies.